Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Kuala Lumpur

It would appear that I'm not in Kansas anymore. You know you're in Asia when, having left the all enveloping cool of the airport to walk into a wall of heat so intense you almost have to weave your way through it and you're reliably informed that this is a mild spell. It's pissing down outside as I type which is doing nothing to alleviate the humidity. It's 6.06pm and it's as if someone switched the lights out early.
Arrived this morning after 8am courtesy of Air Asia. I'd been led to believe that they were down there with Ryanair in terms of cutting costs - I requested a cup of hot water which resulted in the following exchange;
"We do sell tea and coffee sir."
"I don't want tea and coffee thanks. I'd just like a cup of hot water."
(visibly piqued) "We don't sell water sir."
I'd happily fly with them again though. The staff were polite albeit in that irritating 'I have been programmed to answer every question vaguely' way. Nice to see also that Malaysia could give the lads at Dublin airport a run for their money in the 'What the fuck are they doing with my bag?' stakes. Malaysia would win that one hands down but it got here and so did I so hurray for Air Asia.
Rain outside has upped a notch from heavy to torrential and I'm guessing that Biblical won't be too far behind. I would love to upload some photos of some of the wacky sights I saw as I roamed the streets of downtown KL in search of my hostel but the truth is that the camera didn't come out once today. Just had a quick glance at the 5 day forecast for here and it's more of the same tomorrow. Temperatures approaching 30 with the threat (I'm guessing promise) of thundery showers. Here for another couple of days and then onward to Java.

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